Welcome Alumni and Friends

Trustees at Chesapeake Academy

We are extremely proud of our active Board of Trustees. These volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of the school community. Trustees are current parents, past parents, alumni and friends of the Academy. As a Governing Board, each member draws on personal experience to ensure a strong future for Chesapeake Academy. They work to ensure that the school is here for the children of our current students!

The Board of Trustees is responsible for strategic planning to support the school's mission and vision and establishes policies consistent with this goal. Throughout the year the Board of Trustees' work is accomplished through committees, which meet on a frequent basis. The committees include Executive, Finance, Governance, Long Range Planning, Development, Buildings & Grounds, and ad hoc committees as needed.

Board meetings are scheduled during the school year.

2016-2017 Executive Committee

  • Margaret M. Nost, Chair
  • Kathryn K. Vose, Vice Chair
  • William H. Chapman, Secretary
  • J. Lance Franke, Treasurer
  • Deborah M. Cook, Head of School

2016-2017 Board of Trustees

  • Robert B. Bragg IV
  • Raymond L. Britt, Jr.
  • Christina S. Cammarata
  • Jean T. Coyle
  • Michele T. Faulkner
  • Philip J. Haynie III
  • Keith D. Meberg
  • W. Bruce Sanders
  • Janet L. Smith
  • Kathryn K. Vose

Ex-Officio Members

  • Michelle S. Ritter, CAPPA President
  • Deborah M. Cook, Head of School
  • Katie H. Dew, Alumni Association President

For more information contact the Trustee Chair or the Head of School.

Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees

The Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees shall be the Executive, Finance, Building and Grounds, Committee on Trustees, Development and Marketing. Other committees may be formed at the pleasure of the Board Chair on a yearly basis. Committee chairs shall select members with the advice and consent of the Board Chair who shall notify all committee members of their appointment. Except for the Executive, Finance and Committee on Trustees committees, membership is not limited to Board of Trustee members, and the membership of the committees may be reformed upon the appointment of the new Chair in consultation with the Head of School.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the officers of the Board of Trustees, the Head of School and any Committee Chairman invited by the Chair. The Head of School and the invitees shall not have a vote. This Committee shall meet when called by the Chair and shall conduct all usual and necessary business occurring between full Board of Trustee meetings. Actions of the Executive Committee are subject to Board affirmation at a later time or date.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed of five members including the Head of School and Business Manager. The Treasurer of the Board of Trustees shall chair this Committee. The Head of School and Business Manager shall not have a vote. The Committee shall meet whenever called by the Treasurer to deal with the school’s finances.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee shall be composed of five members, one of whom should represent CAPPA (i.e., the Chair of the Campus Beautification Committee). This Committee shall confine its research, work, and recommendations to those projects necessary to the proper operation of the Academy’s physical plant.

Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees shall be composed of not less than three members of the Board of Trustees who are not officers, the Director of Development, and Head of School, who shall serve as a representative member of the Academy, with voice but without a vote. This Committee shall receive recommendations for possible nominations and election to the Board of Trustees and their officers, and it shall also present slates of nominees for the Board's consideration at the March meeting of the Board of Trustees. This Committee shall be responsible for the Education and Orientation of newly elected Board of Trustees. The committee shall also evaluate the performance of trustees.

Development Committee

The Development Committee shall be composed of the Director of Development, Head of School, and at least six additional members, two of whom shall be Board of Trustee members. The Director of Development and Head of School shall have a voice but no vote.

The Development Committee shall ensure that the Academy has a program to produce current and future financial support. It shall aid in the implementation of all aspects of fund raising. It shall cultivate donors and plan ways and methods of soliciting gifts. It shall coordinate such actions in concert with the Academy’s long-range Plan.

Enrollment and Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee shall be composed of the Director of Admission, the Director of Development and at least six additional members. The Committee shall include at least two members of the Board of Trustees as well as parents, faculty, alumni, etc. who may be of assistance in accomplishing the yearly objectives of the Committee. The Director of Admissions and the Director of Development shall have a voice but not a vote.

The Marketing Committee shall also ensure that the Academy has a marketing program that enhances the organization’s public relations program. The Committee shall identify sources of qualified students and methods of attracting them to the Academy in concert with the Director of Admission. The Committee shall be responsible for supporting the Academy’s development plan, promoting the Academy’s brand identity, enhancing its public relations and ensuring the marketing program links to the mission and philosophy of the Academy.


  • September 20, 2016
  • October 18, 2016
  • November 15, 2016
  • January 17, 2017
  • February 21, 2017
  • March 21, 2017
  • April 18, 2017
  • May 23, 2017 (Annual Mtg)