Chesapeake Academy Art Murals, 2009-10

The Middle School emphasizes a character theme throughout the year and this year’s theme is “Courage”. Each middle school class paints a mural which is a visual representation of the character theme, with an emphasis on a specific area of education such as physical, academic, social, and moral education. This year, the style of painting in each mural represents the style of a specific artist, and also addresses the key word within the area of the “Courage” character theme.

5th Grade

Key Word: Physical          Theme: Perserverance

Fifth grade chose to interpret the key word, “physical” with reference to perseverance, as a physical ability such as running, which is common in all sports. In keeping with that idea, students developed three different icons that represent basketball, soccer and track. All three sports demand strength and endurance, and the ability to persevere in order to achieve excellence. After dividing the space of the mural into a grid, each icon is equally represented and painted in a way that is unique to each student.

Press on and achieve excellence!


6th Grade

Key Word: Academic          Theme: Perserverance

Sixth Grade students interpret the idea of academic perseverance by using the image of salmon swimming upstream as a visual metaphor. Painting the background first, half of the class focused on the land around the stream, while the other half painted the currents in the stream. There are sixteen fish, each representing a unique individual in the class. The rough currents of the stream represent academic challenges that students will face in the year ahead, and like the fish in the stream, students will persevere to overcome them.

Persevere through rough academic waters
and achieve your goals!

6th Grade Mural


7th Grade

Key Word: Social          Theme: Perserverance

Seventh Grade students represent ideas about social perseverance by discussing peer pressure and the ability to be themselves, even when giving in to peer pressure might seem easier or more comfortable. The mural presents a futuristic cityscape where each building symbolizes a student in the class. Most of the buildings are painted with tints of color, or colors mixed with white, so that they are not quite as bright as pure or 'unmixed' color. There are four buildings which are painted with pure color acrylics, making them more intense in color. These buildings are visual reminders of what each student strives for--to stand strong in a crowd, secure in who they are, instead of compromising what they believe and thus giving in to peer pressure.

Shine brightly even if you are the only one in the crowd!

7th Grade Mural


8th Grade

Key Word: Moral          Theme: Perserverance

In order to communicate the idea of moral perseverance, students used the idea of a simple tree, similar to the great, old oak tree which stands near the soccer field. The tree has 10 branches, one for each student in the class. The tree is deeply routed in strong and positive moral attributes, including but not limited to honor, trust, responsibility, respect and friendship. The word “Perseverance” runs through the intricate root system of the tree. This image reminds students that perseverance in these areas, creates a solid foundation for good moral character. Like the oak tree, perseverance will help students to be steady and solid as individuals, able to endure, grow, and achieve in the months and years ahead.

A tree firmly rooted in truth stands strong and tall.
Be like the tree!

8th Grade Mural
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