Chesapeake Academy Art Murals, 2011-12

5th Grade

5th grade created a mural based on this year's character theme Vitality with an emphasis on the key word “physical”. We chose to interpret this theme of physical vitality by painting figures climbing mountains. The figures are working hard and are determined to reach the summit. Within these mountains are words we felt are descriptive of the components of physical vitality; vigor, energy, fitness, strength, focus, resilience, endurance, health, courage, and perseverance.


6th Grade

6th grade's mural is based on the theme of academic vitality. We chose to depict the great willow oak that grows here on Chesapeake Academy's campus because it represents the academic vitality within our school. Each branch of the tree is a different subject of the middle school curriculum; these “branches” of study lead us to become vital learners. Under the tree are acorns that with focused energy will grow and flourish into strong young trees.

6th Grade Mural


7th Grade

7th grade created a mixed media mural that reflects the theme of social vitality. We chose to showcase social vitality through the eyes of our soccer team: the handshake represents the respect and fairness that must be present whether you are out on the field playing or cheering on the team from the sidelines. We can show social vitality by being a good friend and an active member of our community by supporting our teammates and being a good sport win or lose.

7th Grade Mural


8th Grade

The 8th grade class created a mural based on the theme of moral vitality. We chose to incorporate a quote that we felt captured the meaning of moral vitality. “The high road is always respected. Honesty and Integrity are always rewarded”  by Scott Hamilton. Our mural depicts a Chesapeake Academy bus traveling up the “high road” showing how it is important to make the right decisions as we travel through life. It is our moral vitality that guides us to make these decisions.

8th Grade Mural
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