Board of Trustees

We are extremely proud of our active Board of Trustees. These volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of the school community. Trustees are current parents, past parents, alumni and friends of the Academy. As a Governing Board, each member draws on personal experience to ensure a strong future for Chesapeake Academy. They work to ensure that the school is here for the children of our current students!

The Board of Trustees is responsible for strategic planning to support the school’s mission and vision and establishes policies consistent with this goal. Throughout the year the Board of Trustees’ work is accomplished through committees, which meet on a frequent basis. The committees include Executive, Finance, Governance, Long Range Planning, Development, Buildings & Grounds, and ad hoc committees as needed.

Board meetings are scheduled during the school year.

2017-2018 Executive Committee

  • Kathryn K. Vose, ¬†Chair
  • W. Bruce Sanders, Vice Chair
  • William Chapman, Secretary
  • Michele Faulkner, Treasurer
  • Julianne Keesee, Head of School

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

  • Robert Bragg IV
  • Raymond Britt, Jr.
  • Ronald Mihills
  • Janet Smith
  • Margie Armen
  • John O’Shaughnessy
  • Grover Branson
  • Keith Meberg
  • W. Bruce Sanders
  • Marion James
  • David Dew

Ex-Officio Members

  • Michelle Ritter, CAPPA President
  • Julianne Keesee, Head of School

For more information contact the Trustee Chair or the Head of School.