The James Library

The James Library is at the heart of Chesapeake Academy and is integral to the school’s mission and philosophy. The library is a resource center that enriches and enhances the academic program. The formal library curriculum is designed to engage students with a variety of resources on a regular basis. The curriculum supports intellectual curiosity, collaboration, love of knowledge, life-time learning, and purposeful use of the library, which are all essential for 21st century learners. The library also serves as an idea lab, with materials and technology available to meet a variety of academic challenges across the curriculum. In conjunction with the library program, students achieve their full potential as active and effective users of ideas and information as they think rationally and creatively, solve problems, access, evaluate and manage information, and communicate effectively. The James Library provides the Chesapeake Academy community with access to high quality literature and information materials in a variety of formats and media.The library hosts a variety of activities and annual events, such as book fairs and author visits, that celebrate and reinforce Chesapeake Academy as a community of dedicated readers.

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