Chesapeake Academy Art Murals, 2012-13

5th Grade

Fifth Grade based our mural on the key word “physical” within the theme of community. We started our mural by discussing what the common purpose is within our community when we think about our physical lives. We immediately thought about how we interact with others while playing sports. Some of the important ideas we came up with were good sportsmanship, teamwork, physical strength, perseverance and dedication. We chose to incorporate the Olympic Rings into our mural because so many of us enjoyed watching the Olympic games this past summer and were inspired by the way that they bring the global community together and the great spirit that they create.


6th Grade

Sixth grade had they key word “academic” to use in our interpretation of common purpose in our community. We chose to paint our school building as it is the foundation of our academic community. Arching over the building are all of the people who make up our school community; teachers and staff, students, parents and families, board of trustees, alumni, CAPPA members, and friends from our local community. All of these people play such an important role in our academic lives and without them we would not have the wonderful experience that is Chesapeake Academy.

6th Grade Mural


7th Grade

Seventh grade created our mural using the key word “social” in relation to community and common purpose. We chose to paint a scene from our own lives, each of us painted ourselves at a middle school dance here in our gymnasium. We decided to depict how we think good citizens should interact with each other in a social setting. Some of those common goals are friendship, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, and grace.

7th Grade Mural


8th Grade

Eighth grade painted our mural to look like stained glass windows. Each window shows a different scene that illustrates our key word “ethical” within our community. Some of those scenes are the signing of the honor code, a community service trip to work at a food bank packing boxes of food for the hungry, the scales of justice, and a village where people of different races and backgrounds live in peace with one another. The other areas of our windows are painted in a pointilistic style of op art. This was taken from a favorite art lesson from last year.

8th Grade Mural
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