Early Childhood



Chesapeake Academy’s Early Childhood programs launch your child’s education in a caring, nurturing environment. Essential skills develop through fun, imaginative, hands-on learning that includes music, arts and crafts, games, guided play, exciting literature, and manipulatives that tease the mind. Your child will become a happy enthusiastic learner who feels confident and willing to embrace the many wonderful challenges of school life.

Our programs address your child’s growth: academic, social, emotional, and physical. Enthusiastic, devoted teachers use your child’s natural love of art, self-expression, and exploration to develop essential readiness skills. Social development occurs in both large and small group activities with emphasis placed on listening, cooperation, kindness, good manners and consideration for others. Fostering a positive self-image, with a focus on independence, responsibility and academic growth, lays a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.

Art, music, physical education, and Spanish join Library and weekly whole school assemblies to round out the Early Childhood experience.