Faculty and Staff

Richard C. Abbott
Business Manager
B.S., Randolph-Macon College
M.B.A., Averett University

Nicole L. Allen
3rd Grade
B.S., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.A.T., Virginia Commonwealth University

Kelly W. Antonio
1st Grade
B.S., Mary Washington University
M.S., Old Dominion University

Kaitlin B. Benson
2nd Grade
B.A., High Point University
M.A., University of Pennsylvania

Robin B. Blake
8th Grade Homeroom, Middle School Science, Middle School Performance
B.S., Mary Washington College
M.S., Old Dominion University

Elizabeth S. Clark
Director of Early Childhood Programs, Pre-K 3 & 4, Public Relations Coordinator, Alumni Liaison
B.A., Georgia State University

Julianne T. Duvall
Head of School, Director of Development
B.A., College of William and Mary
M.Ed., University of Illinois

Kimberly M. Dynia
6th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade Geography, 6th Grade Latin, Middle School Arts & Innovation, Instructional Technology Coordinator
B.A., University of Michigan
M.A.T., Christopher Newport University

Judy R. Ebner
Pre-K 3 & 4 – 5th Grade Spanish
B.A., University of Maryland

Catherine L. Emery
5th Grade Homeroom, 5th Grade Literature, 5th Grade Writer’s Workshop, 5th Grade Geography, 7th Grade Writer’s Workshop
B.A., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College

Catherine C. Emry
Development Associate
Rappahannock Community College

Barbara L. Hays
Pre-K 3 & 4 – 8th Grade Music, 3rd and 4th Grade Recorder,Middle School Tone Chimes, 1st – 4th Grade Performance
B.A., Emory and Henry College
M.A., Southern Methodist University
M.A., Old Dominion University

Kenzie I. Manetz
Librarian, Learning Support Services
B.A., Clemson University
M.Ed., University of Virginia
Ed.S., University of Virginia

Susan R. May
Early Childhood Extended Day, Lower School Extended Day
B.S., James Madison University
M.S., Virginia Tech

Marshall B. Novak
Pre-K 3 & 4, 7th Grade Spanish IA, 7th Grade US History, 8th Grade Spanish IB
B.A., Miami University

Katie A. Parker
4th Grade Literature, 4th Grade Writer’s Workshop, 4th Grade Math, 4th Grade Science, 5th Grade Math
B.S., Longwood University

Martha R. Rogers
2nd Grade
B.A., Lynchburg College

Hilary G. Scott
Director of Admission
B.A., Lynchburg College

Connie L. Smith
Academy Secretary
Rappahannock Community College

Hillary M. Smith
7th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Literature, 7th Grade Pre-Algebra, 8th Grade The Individual and Society (Literature and Government)
B.A., Virginia Tech

Sonja K. Smith
6th Grade Writer’s Workshop, 6th Grade Literature, 8th Grade Writer’s Workshop, K-8th Grade Art
B.A., Mary Baldwin College
M.A.T., Mary Baldwin College

Rosetta M. Struse
Early Childhood Extended Day Program Aide
Medical Careers Institute

Molly B. Vanderpool
B.A., Fayetteville State University

Ian H. York
Athletic Director, Pre-K 3 & 4 – 8th Grade Physical Education, Middle School Health
B.A., Hampden Sydney College